Why Linkup Telecoms & IT for your business?

We’ll save you money
Linkup have helped companies of all sizes slash their communication bills. With a totally independent approach to all services and suppliers we can bespoke the prices as best to suit how you use your communications, whether it’s just simple calling from your office or connecting worldwide we can offer inclusive packages so you can budget month to month. We can also offer lease on all services to again help with budgeting
Expert Advice

With over 30 years knowledge in the communications industry, our team can offer advice to help identify the most suitable equipment and tariffs to propose a bespoke solution for your business. Because we are totally independent we won’t push any supplier before the other, we will look at which supplier can best suit your needs on how you run your company

Wide range of options

We offer a flexible range of contracts and equipment all from the major Tier 1 carriers and suppliers in communications and IT industry to bring you the best technology’s to help you get on with running your business without having to worry about connection. Including Fixed & Hosted Telephone Systems, VoIP, Broadband and Leased Lines, Business Mobile Contracts, IoT with the NEW Multi-Network Sims , MDM (Mobile Device Management), Cyber Security and Utilities, Merchant payment systems, including 100% renewable energy to keep your carbon footprint down.

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Get in touch with our team of business solution experts today to discuss your requirements and allow us to perform a tariff analysis, plus a competitive quote, to save your business time and money.
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