Business Hosted VoIP

Voice over internet protocol is the up and coming technology.

It allows you to ring out on your broadband line and is a faster and cheaper way to stay in contact with everyone anywhere in the world.

VOIP is perfect for any size business, if you have more than one website then it will allow you to hold & transfer multiple incoming calls between anyone in the business them like they were based in the same office.

VOIP has many features such as call recording, call monitoring and called id, these are just some of the features and benefits that could be added to your system which would benefit your business.

To run a VOIP system you will need to have a strong internet connection, ask of our staff members & we can check the connectivity in your area for you before setting up a meeting.

If you were to have an issue with your system, after the installation then we can remotely log in to the the portal and fix the problem without having to come out and see you which is better for both parties.

9 Reasons why VoIP

What is VoIP? Quite simply, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a system that will allow its users to make telephone calls online. The system works by converting sound into data, which is then sent from user to user via the Internet. While there’s obviously more to it than that, those are the basic principles. VoIP has revolutionised communications for many businesses and it could do the same for yours if you take a few moments to look at the benefits, Here are 9 features of VoIP that could enhance your business. I'm sure there are a few that will appeal to you.

1. VoIP could save your business money

Hosted Telephone Systems generally work out far cheaper per month than Digital & Analogue lines, with FREE Local, National, Mobile & to UK Standard numbers (01,02,03, 07,0800 & 0808) included. Also, long distance calls are significantly less expensive to make.

2. VoIP is flexible, and scalable

VoIP is ideal for start- up and established businesses. Linkup’s hosted telephone systems are scalable, which means they grow with your business. It’s simple to add telephone lines or extensions and to move premises whilst retaining your existing telephone numbers.

3. Anyone can set up or make changes on a hosted phone system

VoIP phone systems are very easy to set up with Linkup’s DRAG & DROP Technology. Linkup can talk you through the whole process over the phone if you desire to make changes to the system.

4. VoIP can be accessed anywhere in the World

VoIP is fantastic for businesses that are always on the move, whether you’re working from home, taking a trip abroad, or moving between offices. With Linkup’s hosted telephone systems, you’ll be able to access your service from anywhere in the world, connecting with clients and colleagues in an instant.

5. VoIP connects multiple offices & Mobile Devices

VoIP can be used to connect multiple offices, contractors, and onsite users to a single system. Your business will be more unified than ever and by a simple telephone system. And because they are internal calls, they are free of charge. Also, you can have the mobile app on your devices if you are not near a broadband connection

6. VoIP is secure, safe, and reliable

Your phone system is your link to the world and your main means of doing business. Linkup’s hosted systems have redundancy built in, to ensure continuity of service. And should you have a fire or flood, can be set up at a temporary location quickly.

7. There’s a lot more to VoIP than answering telephone calls

Videoconferencing is a great way to stay in contact with colleagues and clients, and it’s available with some our VoIP phone systems. Videoconferencing allows businesses to conduct meetings and share ideas as if everyone is seated in the same room, even if you’re spread out around the world.

8. VoIP allows you to view and download call data at any time aswell as recording the calls

Call data & call recording offers a clear insight when it comes to your business’s costs and operations. VoIP is incredibly valuable for any businesses keen to monitor traffic, call management, and client statistics.

9. VoIP reduces your Business’s carbon footprint

VoIP is fantastic news for environmentally conscious businesses. Because it’s hosted online there’s very little local equipment burning a carbon footprint.

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